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Author's Biography

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JD and Twila Weiss are the hardworking co-owners of "Rebel Ranch Publishing" and the "Rebel Ranch." These talented individuals operate a Belted Galloway cattle ranch and a Honeybee Apiary. Together, JD and Twila have achieved recognition and book sales not only in the United States but also on an international scale. Their diverse collection of books can be easily obtained from online platforms, local physical bookstores and libraries. With years of writing under their belt, they bring a unique perspective to the non-fiction, fiction and children's book genres. Moreover, their skillset extends beyond traditional writing, encompassing the creation of official documents and innovative papers that set them apart in their field.

Writing Expertise

One cannot help but be impressed by the depth of experience exhibited by JD and Twila Weiss. Their journey as published authors has given them valuable insights into the intricacies of the written word. From shaping compelling narratives in fiction to elucidating complex concepts in non-fiction, the dynamic duo does it all with finesse. Their ability to tackle various writing styles and genres reflects their adaptability as writers.

Ongoing Projects

JD and Twila are fully immersed in the creative process, diligently working on multiple book manuscripts. This stage of their journey highlights their dedication to their craft and their unyielding commitment to producing high-quality content consistently. It is this passion for storytelling that drives them forward, pushing the boundaries of their creativity to deliver captivating narratives that resonate with readers across the globe.

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